The Fun of Funding

October 26, 2010

Washington Park

The Washington Park Youth Center has been operating for 25 years. Their factors of success include dedicated volunteers and award winning programs. They receive some of their donations from private donors which will also help them become a successful program. Each part of the program is funded by various donors. Many foundations give generous amount of money to help keep this youth program running. They do receive some donations from large corporation like the Chicago Tribune and WGN Radio 720. Funding come from the city too. They get money from the Chicago Department of Children & Youth Services. When visiting the website for Washington Park Youth Center one will find that making a donation is very simple. You can just click on the donate tab and then choose your amount. The website also shows statistics of what their work has done to better the children of Washington Park. This shows the donor that their money is going to a beneficial and successful cause. All of the space and materials for this youth center are donated.

Morgan Park

Morgan Park does not have many tutoring/ mentoring centers. It mainly consists of The Sylvan Learning Center and The Tutoring Mentoring Leadership and Networking Conference. These are funded by government funding with the Sylvan Learning center and The Tutoring Mentoring Leadership and Networking Conference is all community and excutive doners. The reason for this is that Morgan Park has good schools both private and public that work with the children with their grades and overall education. The wealthy neighborhoods taxes go to funding these schools which leads to better teachers who are excited about their job and strive for the children’s success. There is almost no need for this neighborhood to have any tutor mentoring programs. If a child needs a tutor the schools will prvide them with a student to help them with their indiviual needs. The teachers are also there to help the students outside of class if the child wants to set up a meeting with them after class. Even though tutoring mentoring centers would give extra support it would not be worth the money to start them because the children have enough help already.

Greater Grand Crossing

Meyering Playground has been around for a while and has been part of the Chicago Park District ever since it has been built.  Because it is part of a city facility, the funding is very restricted.  They use TIF funds to get money to keep the facilities up and running.  The Chicago Park District’s Board of Commissioners is what approves the TIF funds and decides how much money each park gets.  They are the ones that approve the order to enter into an intergovernmental agreement with the city.  TIF stands for Tax Increment Financing.  This method has been around for over 50 years now and is a way for public, city facilities finance their real estate.  Instead of paying everything up front, it is a way to “set up a payment plan” and finance their expenses.  TIF funding is the only way the Meyering Parkground is funded.



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