October 11, 2010

Washington Park

Living in Washington Park is not an ideal situation. It has a high violent crime index of 10 (1 is the lowest), and high unemployment rate. It has a low average income and a low average home price. Many of the schools received ratings of 3-6 out of 10 and yet the parents rated them with 5 stars out of 5. Do these parents have a different idea of a god education, or are they just pretending to be involved when they are really not? One school even spent more money on other expenditures than student support. When researching a charter school in Washington Park I found very different results than a public school. The Washington Park Chicago International Schools mission is “We believe in the innate capacity of every child to succeed.  This capacity must be fostered through high academic and personal standards, respectful and orderly schools, competent and caring faculty and staff, involved and caring parents, and administrative and management leadership which fosters a climate and culture of continuous improvement and a commitment to high and measurable standards of excellence.” They want everyone one to be involved in the success of these children. They have many different approaches on teaching kids with different learning styles, so that the success of each student is ensured. They take pride in their students and have a part of the website dedicated to them called “our stars” with pictures. More schools need to be like this, when kids are believed in it gives them that extra push towards success.

Morgan Park

Morgan Park offers both public and private schooling. Their public school is called Morgan Park High School. They have PTSA meetings and local council meetings. They also offer “college night” to help encourage the kids to want to go to college and further their education after high school. They offer counselors to the kids as support and guidance when needed.
Morgan Parks’ private school is called Morgan Park Academy. This school offered a lot more to the children then Morgan Parks’ public school. It has special admission of all lower, middle, and upper class. Morgan Park Academy offers Global Studies, After School help, Athletics, Clubs, and Service Learning Volunteering.

Greater Grand Crossing

Mount Carmel High School- This is one of Greater Grand Crossing’s private schools. Their mission is “To Live with Zeal for God, for Life, for Learning.” They focus on these there points and try to instill as much as they can in young men that attend Mount Carmel. They try to prepare them for challenges they will face through life and college. They really enforce their kids to go to college. Mount Carmel is an all boy, catholic high school. Priests and brothers have run it since the early 1900’s. This school is greatly known for their great athletics program.

Paul Robeson High School- Paul Robeson High School is part of the Chicago public school district. This school has a strong “school conduct” that they expect out of their students. It is run by the principle and staff who are expected to get treated with respect. They are really strong against Harassment, Intimidation, and Sexual Discrimination. They run their school as a “closed campus.” They don’t allow the kids to go off campus, including lunch periods, until school is out. Just like Mount Carmel, Paul Robeson offers Athletics.


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  1. You’ve included some very important details about each of the schools in your neighborhoods. Parents especially would be interested in the information that you provided. Can you now take it one step further? Draw some conclusions about the details that you found. How do the schools compare? What do those statistics mean for the neighborhood?

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