Future of the Far South Side of Chicago

November 18, 2009

When looking at the different neighborhoods in this area, it’s hard to put them all into one category. The neighborhoods range from lower class to upper middle class.  Morgan Park and Beverly are upper middle class, Washington Park is middle class, while Roseland and Greater Grand Crossing are upper lower class. These neighborhoods are predominantly African American. Beverly, Morgan Park, and Greater Grand Crossing give support to the children of these neighborhoods through the schooling system, rather than outside programs. Washington Park and Roseland have tutoring/mentoring programs outside of the schooling system. Some of these are organized through churches and small organizations. The reason why tutoring/mentoring programs are needed in this area is because of the high school dropout rates, crime rates, and the lack of positive influences for the children.

A solution to the unsuccessful programs would be to advertise them more, make the activities more appealing to the kids, while also insuring that the general public knows the message and the benefits of participating in them. In order to make these programs more successful, individuals can give their time by volunteering to tutor and mentor kids. Corporations and the government should become more exposed to the needs for financial funding in order to make these programs more effective. The government should take more initiative in helping them because in order to better the education system and the economy, actions should be taken one step at a time, starting from the bottom up.

All information has been gathered about the many communities in Chicago. The next step would be to implement these actions by introducing these problems to the higher authority, meaning the government of Chicago and those in charge of the education system. The next group of students should focus on finding funders for these programs, and find areas that are in need of more programs. They should concentrate their efforts on the schools of communities in need to see what they are offering. They should also focus on encouraging the students to participate in these programs more by asking them what they want and need to be successful. Other than these specific concentrations, future students should not allow these problems to go unrecognized.


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